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Q40: What videos are available of BC?
A: In the course of his lengthy career, Bruce has made numerous television appearances. Ask the Humans listserv (see that section of this FAQ) for more info/copies of any.
Perhaps the earliest Bruce video appearance is for the Bruce-penned song "Electrocution of the Word" (1968) performed with the group he was in at the time, 3's A Crowd. A very arty, psychedelic song and a very arty, psychedelic video. Since then, there have been the following official promotional videos:
Lovers in a Dangerous Time (1984), If I Had a Rocket Launcher (1984), Call It Democracy (1986), People See Through You (1986), Waiting for a Miracle (1987 ), If a Tree Falls (1989), Don't Feel Your Touch (1989), A Dream Like Mine (1991), Great Big Love (1991), Joy to the World (1993), Listen for the Laugh (1994), Night Train (1997)

A41: Rumours of Glory is a concert film recorded Nov. 31 and Dec. 1, 1981 on the "Inner City Front" tour at the Music Hall Theatre in Toronto. Track list is: Trouble with normal/ Going up against chaos/ Wondering where the lions are/ Radio shoes/ Creation dream/ Rumours of glory/ Civilization and its discontents/ Mama just wants to barrelhouse/ Coldest night of the year/ Inner city front/ Loner/ Tokyo/ All the diamonds/ In the falling dark/ Wanna go walking.
It was available on videotape until the late 1980's, but is now out of print. The live versions of Rumours of Glory and Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse on the "Waiting For a Miracle" compilation album come from this film.

A42: The BC video called Purely Music [part of a German television concert series of the same name] is a laserdisc that has a 50 min concert from Germany in 1985. It's worth having -- in fact it's worth the $19 for the version of 'Incandescent Blue that's on there, but it's kind of a sterile environment, not many folks in the crowd, and they are sitting at tables applauding politely. Good video quality, good sound quality, not the greatest of performances (except Incandescent Blue, IMHO). BTW, it's a bootleg, not an official release.
(Source: Graham Knight. Archive: v01.n275)

A43: There are other videos that Bruce has done the soundtracks for: Waterwalker 1986(all otherwise unreleased music, written with Hugh Marsh) and Ernest Brown: Pioneer Photographer 1974 (otherwise unreleased music and alternate versions of some previously released songs- including Dialogue With the Devil and Let Us Go Laughing.) He also played the charango on the soundtrack to a movie called Diplomatic Immunity (1991). The music was written by former band member Jon Goldsmith. This is not available on video, but sometimes airs on Canadian TV.
(Source: Daniel Keebler, private e-mail)

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