Bruce Cockburn FAQ - Controversial Subjects

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Q43: If he became a Christian in 1974 that would place him at about 30 years old. I have read that his "conversion" to Christianity was a slow process, was it a deliberate one?
A: Bruce discusses this quite eloquently in the January 1988 issue of Sojourners magazine. He talks about his initial rejection of Christianity as "conservative, status quo," a mystical encounter on his wedding day with a being he assumed was Christ, the first time he "dared" to take communion, and when he finally said, "Okay, Jesus, I'm yours." It's very moving, even to this hardbitten agnostic.
(Source: Deb Messling. Archive: v01.n154)

Q44: What is BC's position on abortion?
A: Written statement by BC in the program of a Voters for Choice Concert at which he performed: "God has given us life, and has permitted death in the world. The 'sanctity of life' therefore must refer not to whether we die, but to the quality of what our lives contain. The state has no more right to say people must be born than it does to say they must be put to death."
(Source: Archive v01.n175.)

Last updated: 07 Jun 2005