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Q51: (Think of a good question)
A: Little known facts about BC; 1.He collects comics, especially those by the Fernandez brothers (love & rockets)
2.He has collected knives since he was a kid [largely because, he has said in interviews, he admires their utility and craftsmanship.]
3. He shoots competitively.
4.He has a strong contingent of Grateful Dead fans (called Burn Heads)
5.He has a cat named T-Bone (in honor of the producer of two of his albums)
(Source: Network Magazine, 1994 (for complete article this is taken from, see Gavin's Woodpile #4, Aug. 1994))

Q52.5: What Bruce-related places are there to see in Toronto?
A: The cover picture of High Winds White Sky was taken on Ward’s Island in Toronto Harbour. A ferry runs to the island and it’s still a pictaresque little artsy community where cars aren’t aloud.
The picture of Bruce in Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws was taken at the water filtration plant in the suburb of Scarbourough.
The Bloor St. viaduct (from Anything Can Happen: “You could have gone off the Bloor St. Viaduct/ I could have been run down in the street”) is near the Castle Frank and Broadview subway stops, 3-5 stops east of Yonge-Bloor. The subway passes over a ravine which seems to be the viaduct he refers to....
The Riverboat Cafe, where Bruce played countless times in the 60’s and early 70’s is no longer there- but the section of town where it was, Yorkville, is still very interesting- though not as “countercultural” as it used to be.
Massey Hall is a place Bruce has played many times, and it’s one of Toronto’s oldest concert halls. Located at Shuter St., just off Yonge.
Ring Music (90 Harbord, at Spadina) is a guitar store Bruce was known to frequent in the 80’s (and still may).
(Sources: Murray Harrison, Sheila Wujek, and Bruce himself)

Q53: What awards has BC won?
A: Here is what I have for the Junos
1971 Folksinger of the year
1972 Folksinger of the year
1973 Folksinger of the year
1975 Best album graphics (Night Vision)
1976 Best album graphics (Joy will find a way)
1980 Folk artist of the year
1981 Male vocalist of the year
1981 Folk artist of the year
1982 Best male vocalist
1982 Best folk artist
(Source: Andrew Fritz. Archive: v01.n263)

Q54: Was that really Maybe the Poet I heard on that Miami Vice re-run?
A: Maybe The Poet was used on the Miami Vice TV show in an episode about a poet from Central America who was going to testify to Congress about how bad the government was in his country.
(Source: Brian Davies. Archive v01.n157.)

Last updated: 07 Jun 2005