Bruce Cockburn in Philadelphia

Bruce Cockburn at the Keswick Theater in Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 1997. Pictures taken by Marie Westhaver.

The set list.

The exterior of the Keswick.

The ticket stub.

The newspaper advertisement: "An ENTIRE evening, hey?"

Bruce onstage with the Dobro: "You have to have at least one guitar that matches your outfit."

Bruce jamming on the Charval -- Listen for the Laugh!

Bruce in THE ZONE on the Jerry Jones.

Bone in My Ear on the charango.

Ben Riley the drummer, on the vibes -- Joy Will Find a Way.

Steve Lucas on bass.

Humans in this place: Jamie Thompson and D.L. Young.

Debbie and Ian Grieg (more travelling Bruce fans from Down Under) with their family.

Carole Martin and Paul Castanguay with Bruce.

Group photo! Bill Pringle, Bruce, Ken Robinson, Andrew Fisler in the back, Gail Defendorf, Deb Messling and Marie Westhaver in the front with Gail's sign.

At dinner before the concert at the Athena: (l-r) Emily and Cory DeAngelo, Marie Westhaver, Gail Defendorf, Bill Pringle, Deb Messling and her friend Ron, and Ken Robinson.