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Q47: Why is the list called Humans?
A: The list is called Humans because that is one of my favorites of Bruce Cockburn's albums, because it is short, and because it is the thing which I think is most important about Bruce's work - that it shows and speaks to our common humanity.
(Source: Muffy. Archive. v01.n120.)

Q48: How long has the Humans list been around?
A: Archives go back to February 25, 1992.

Q49: Who are you people?
A:In 1996, a demographic poll was taken of the Humans list. These are the results, courtesy of Joan Clingan, the poll taker:
“Here are details you might need in order to understand my reporting system. [1] I believe in letting folks choose their own labels, i.e. if you said white, the list says white. This causes some redundancy, but allows for more freedom and creativity. [2] Occasionally I did some organizing--I guess I'm a bit anal, but I suppose you all understand that, as you have every version available of Bruce singing every song written on every label possible catalogued on index cards and archived in every electronic medium known to Humans! [3] If there is something in square brackets, it is my personal comment/edit. [4] I received a total of 59 replies. I recently counted just under 200 addresses on the Humans list. As our statistics professor pointed out, this makes this info interesting, but statistically useless. [5] I don't remember who sent these responses, so if you discover there is a Human in the town around the corner, I won't be able to tell you who it is (but you can always post it to the list). [6] "Leftish" is not in my spell- check.
I asked for city, state, country--I got these 53 responses:
Sweden: Stockholm
United Kingdom: Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
Australia: Perth, Western Australia; Melbourne, Victoria
Canada: Edmonton, Alberta; Fort Vermilion, Alberta; Mississagua, Ontario; St. Thomas, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec
USA: Flagstaff, AZ; Prescott, AZ; Newport Beach, CA; Riverside, CA; San Carlos, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; Boulder, CO; Denver, CO; Opa Locka, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Atlanta, GA; Fishers, IN; Fort Wayne, IN; Ashburnham, MA; Boston, MA; Salem, MA; Columbia, MD; Holland, MI; Minneapolis, MN; Greenville, NC; Greensboro, NC; Lakewood, NJ; Phillipsburg, NJ; New York, NY; 2@Ronkonkoma (Long Island), NY; Oxford, OH; Wickliffe, OH; Tulsa, OK; Forest Grove, OR; Salem, OR; 2@Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Scranton, PA; College Station, TX; Waco, TX; Provo, UT; Salt Lake City, UT; Alexandria, VA; Harrisburg, VA; King George County, VA
> I asked for age. We are: 2@21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 4@30, 8@31, 32, 5@33, 2@35, 3@36, 38, 3@39, young 40ish, 4@40, 41, 2@42, 2@43, 43(ahem), 2@44, 2@45, 47, 48, and 52. [Note: the average age of the 53 of us who replied is 35.2; the range is 21 to 52; the median is 35; I am 36.] =-)
> I asked for gender--almost all 58 repliers went for one or the other: male: 49 masculine: 1 female: 8 [as I said, interesting, but statistically useless]
> I asked for ethnicity, don't ask me why: [51 replies]
WASP 3; White 12; Caucasian 11; Caucasian (Canadian); Caucasian (German/Irish); so-called-white; Whitebread; earthling; Human; Quebecois; white (Hungarian/German); New Zealand/European; English/Australian; Afro-American; Irish/German; German/Scotch-Irish; German; Scottish-Native American; Swedish/Irish/German/English/Russian; Welsh and Dutch who loves Italian and Mexican food; South American; Dutch Canadian; Mennonite; American; White/Native/Hispanic; English, Scottish, Irish, and Romanii Gypsy; Italian/Dutch; EuroAmerican
> I asked for one word describing your spiritual beliefs: [This proves that Deb's right, there are only three kinds of people, those who can count and those who can't. Many of the 52 who replied are the third kind.]
Christ; Christian 10; (attempted) Christian; redefining Christianity; Christian Taoist; Christian--tolerant of all religions; inclusive humanist Christian; orthodox Christian; fringe Christian but not orthodox--real close to Universal; preBaptisterian (ok, ok Christian); Anabaptist-Christian; follower of Christ; non-Christian; Catholic 2; Catholique; raised Catholic; recovering Catholic; practicing (till he gets it right) Catholic; spiritually aware 2; Baptist 2; Mennonite minister (not old order); Rock and Roll; lapsed Uniteraian; agnostic; atheist; agnostic atheist; mystically one with everything; "Honk if you're unsure"; existentialist; nondual; believer; transition; Jewish; Tantric Buddhism; Mormon; spiritual lifestyle (with relations to protestant church); Episcopalian (Anglo-Catholic); sitting on the fence; open; yes
> I asked for our sexual/romantic orientation (no I'm not seeking); 51 of us identified these orientations:
straight 2; married/heterosexual 5; married 6; married/soon to be separated (back in the market); unmarried; bisexual 2; happily married 3; heterosexual 12 [I did not differentiate between hetero and heterosexual]; heterosexual interest and behavior so far; disoriented; often; flaming heterosexual; northwest; attracted to females with long, dark hair and amply sized Bruce Cockburn CD collections (which makes me heterosexual); straight/motivated; married/straight; straight, single; straight, shoulder fetish; hetero and very single; lesbian; my wife likes BC too, but I think candlelight, chardonnay, and roses; happily hetero; no sex or romance, please, I'm married; straight/romantictoafault; straight, single, seeking; married to a woman [male]; sex? all the time--romantic, sensitive, intense
> I asked for one word describing our political stances. Here are the 43 responses:
life; liberal 8 [I didn't notice if upper or lower case]; liberal (not Liberal); left; leftish; left-of-centre; left-of-center, vaguely socialist; left-wing; left leaning non-alligned progressive; far left (by US standard) moderate left (by Canadian standard); if I leaned any farther left I'd fall over; Democrat/Liberal 2; democrat (progressive); proud to be a liberal democrat; social democrat; democratish; Liberal Democrat, voting for Nader; independent; independent--don't care for politics; conservative; conservative libertarian; conservative paleoconservative; moderate; politicians are basically evil (they should be made to work for a living); apolitical; prone; Socialist Labor Party; confused/disgusted; green 2; member of Green Party; feet spread shoulder length apart, right arm pulled back, rotten tomato held lightly in hand; North-Northwest; radical; don't care

Q50: How do I subscribe to the humans list?
A: You may subscribe by sending email to and including the single line in the body of your email:
subscribe humans

A digest version is available by sending email to and including the single line in the body of your email:
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Q56: Are there archives available of the Humans list discussions?
A: Yes, the archives page is at: Digests are available from July 1994 to the present; daily posts from February 1992 to the present are also available.

Q57: When and where is the online chat?
A:Chat times vary- consult the Humans list for more info. and details.

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