Humans at the Verde Valley Music Festival

The Patron Party on the Friday Night

Sedona Patron Party - 70.7 K

Patrons vs Normal People

It was about 9:56am and someone let the patrons down to get seats earlier than other festival goers, whose gate was supposed to be opened at 10:15am along with the patron gate. All patrons were sent back and this is the mexican stand off while waiting for both gates to open - they were opened slightly early at 10:12am and it was a mad sprint to get the front rows. Us Humans scored a respectable middle 8th row.

Calm Before the Storm - 115.8 K

Verde Valley High School Students performing

Students Performance - 69.7 K

Gail's infamous Bruce sign - it really travels!

Humans : Graham Knight (CO), Alora Paul (MA) and Gail Defendorf (DE).

Gail's Infamous Bruce Sign & Fellow Humans - 66.0 K

More Humans

Top : Graham Knight and Cortland Peterson (CA)
Bottom : Suzanne Pfeil (Cort's wife) (CA) and me! (with my favourite t-shirt :)

More Humans - 67.3 K

ARGH! Festival's Ended!!! Fantastic day indeed

Festival's End - ARGH!! - 62.6 K

The Patron tickets - parking pass, id tag and wrist tag

Sedona Patron Stuff - 80.1 K

Sinking beer's back at Graham's motel room......

Boy did they go down REAL well, especially for someone who doesn't normally drink beer (I'm your atypical Aussie in more ways than one).

Drinking Beers Afterwards - 45.8 K

The official Humans dinner party that night at Shugrue's

It was an interesting place to eat, let's just leave it at interesting - the company was cool of course.

Human's Dinner - 30.8 K

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Last updated: 14-Jan-97