Toronto & Wujekstock

The Saturday night WujekStock crew: Steve Graham, Honey Wujek (cockerspaniel), Paul Wujek, Sheila, Me & Chris Sullivan.

The "attempt" to record something for Festival of Friends , the next Humans Internet Tribute effort.

The Humans present: Steve G, Sheila W, Alyson & Glenn Huels, plus Me.

You know Glenn, I think both Steve G & Tai Huels (14 week old Golden Retriever) are really impressed by your guitar playing, seriously!

The High Winds, White Sky bridge, in the Bright Sky, Bright Sky.

(PS - Hey Steve, has Sheila harassed you yet about stretching your arm ?)

The Sunday WujekStock crew "bludging" at Rideau Canal on the Toronto Islands.

The True North building - 151 John St, in downtown Toronto.

Me & the CN Tower in Toronto - impressive hey?

Now who's the real whimp smugly smirking with nothing but a pane of glass and the ground over 350m (okay - over 1000ft) keeping me from history?

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Last updated: 20-Sep-96