The Sedona Environs

Alora Paul (MA Human) and Me - Oak Creek Canyon

Alora Paul & Me - Oak Creek Canyon - 60.2 K

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Panorama - 141.9 K

The wonderful daisies Alora picked for me to brighten up my motel room

Thanks Alora - it really worked!

Daisies - 45.0 K

Sedona Desertscape

Due to the much lower elevation than Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, Sedona is much hotter and drier and more rugged desert country.

Sedona Desertscape - 89.5 K

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross - 72.8 K

Oak Creek

Oak Creek in Sedona - 70.8 K

A green jeep from Pink Jeep Tours

Not a bad view from my motel hey.

Pink Jeep Tours & Downtown Sedona - 62.7 K

Heresy! MacDonalds without golden arches!

The council refused to destroy the natural coloUr schemes of the desert area, and stood up to the evil multi-national and insisted on teal-coloUred arches - CLASSIC!

Teal ColoUred Arches!!! - 62.8 K

View of West Sedona from the Sedona Airport

West Sedona Panorama - 109.4 K

Two Rock features - Cathedral Rock (middle) and Bell Rock (right)

Cathedral & Bell Rock - 119.7 K

The back door view form my motel room - GRIN

Motel View - 133.5 K

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Last updated: 14-Jan-97