Still in Oz

The "Holy Shit #@*!#&%, there's less than 12 hours to go" party.

My family at Tullamarine (Melb.) Airport: (l-r) mUm (Val), me, Heidi, and Dad (Steve) - my brother couldn't make it.

My friends who were crazy enough to follow me out to the airport at 5am on a Sunday morning.

Close up of male lyrebird.

Kinglake National Park (1 hour north of Melbourne, Australia).
Male lyrebird displaying on its mound to attract a mate.
Shot taken as part of conservation work done for Bruce's 50th birthday present in May of 1995.

Male lyrebird shifting from one display mound to another, with juvenile lyrebirds in hot pursuit.

(Trying to learn how to pick up chicks by watching a male adult at work).

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Last updated: 16-Sep-96