My Wanderings in Ontario :
Waterloo, Ottawa and Sault Ste Marie

Joel Vanderkwaak and me, outside the Centre for Groundwater Research, University of Waterloo.

This was my official 4 days of work for my 3 months break. I had a great time doing more than just work, that's for sure (big thanks to Joel -grin-).

Inside the Ottawa International Youth Hostel, downtown Ottawa.

It was a gaol (jail) from 1872 to 1973, when it was renovated to become a hostel. Cool place to stay.

Red Raven - Haida war canoe (about 22 people); Canadian Museum of Civilisation.

A Zen Buddhist garden on the roof top of the Museum.

Ticket stubbs for the Imax and Simulator theatres at the Museum.

Identification card for the National Library and Archives.

View of Ottawa from the Museum.

You can see the Chateau Laurier, the Ottawa Locks on the Rideau Canal, the Federal Parliament buildings and the National Library and Archives.

Downtown Sault Ste. Marie - it was raining most of the day, the Friday Bruce played.

It doesn't show up on the scan, but the street sign is Bruce St......

Some bears working hard on a Bruce-related documentary at the riverside dock.

How I Spent My Fall Vacation Indeed.......

The Fall colours were just spectaular - this photo and scan just doesn't do them anything close to justice.

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Last updated: 5-Jan-97