New Photos & Misc. Stuff

Program cover for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival..

Edmonton Folk Fest. Program - 53.2 K

Identification card for the Bennett Centre, official accomodation for the E.F.M.F.

Bennett Centre ID Card - 29.6 K

Cover of the newspaper style program for the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua - Bayfield, WI

Big Top Chautauqua, Bayfield, WI - Program - 130.7 K

Ticket for the show.

Bayfield Ticket Stubb - 39.7 K

I had the photo of Bruce and I at Lyons enlarged in Ottawa. In Sedona Bruce was gracious enough to sign 3 copies - one for my parents, one for my sister and one for me. If you're watching Bruce, my humble thanks again.

Bruce & Me - Signed - 128.9 K

Wrist tag for the festival.

Wrist Tag - Lyons FolkS Fest., CO - 34.8 K

Program for the Rocky Mtns FolkS Festival, Lyons, CO.

Lyons FolkS Fest. Program - 116.3 K

My personal copy of Bruce's first lp - signed

Signed Copy of Bruce's 1st LP - 41.0 K

A poor scan of the A3 poster for the Ithaca, NY show from April 1996

John Thompson from Ottawa generously kept an original copy for me (thanks again).

Poster for the Ithaca, NY show, April 24, 1996 - 105.0 K

Fortune Cookie No. 1

(from the Japanese restaurant Ken and I went to in the World Trade Centre, New York)

Fortune Cookie #1 - 21.6 K

Fortune Cookie No. 2

When I returned to Toronto after wandering round Ontario, I stayed with Paul and Sheila Wujek again for 2 nights (my humble thanks) and we went to a Chinese buffet restuarant. I haven't worked out the significance of all the numbers yet, but 18 was the date I flew from Saskatchewan to Wisconsin for the show in Bayfield on August 21, hmmmm. I'll keep working on it.

But the dream of a lifetime, well, I can't for the life of me think what it might mean....I must have said yes anyway I guess -grin-

Fortune Cookie #2 - 20.1 K

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