Lyons, CO - Rocky Mountains FolkS Fest.

The legendary "bigger than Ben Hur" Humans gathering in Boulder, CO the night before Bruce played in Lyons.

For some bizarre reason, we never expected Bruce to do a duet with Patty Larkin that fateful Friday night......
The Humans: front pair Debbie & Paul Leach (l-r), behind them Steve Dinzes and his wife, on the left is Rob Caldwell, ME, in the far middle is Sarah Knight (Graham's daughter, who started the infamous napkin throwing war), the right is Shar & Mark Bakeman, barely visible between Mark Bakeman and Steve's wife is Dave Bond & brother Gary.

Me & Shar & our waitress Krista Smith, who did an amazing job keeping track of such a chaotic group.

Cindy (Shar's friend who married one of Gary's friends), Dave B (with his Montana sucks t-shirts, 'cause Gary was from Montana), Eileen Noel, Graham Knight, Paul (sitting), Rob C, Debbie (sitting), Steve & his wife, Shar & Mark (sitting) - Sarah was behind the camera throwing napkins.

Leslie testing the Manzer before Bruce comes out.

Bruce talking to the crowd when he first comes out on stage.

Bruce started the show with the new instrumental "Mistress of Storms".

Bruce smiling while playing the "Shiny" guitar.

Bruce signing Sarah's FolkS Fest. t-shirt (he really enjoyed signing the t-shirts).

My very first photo with Bruce (big grin).

On my day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Good old downtown Denver, CO.

The view from Graham's "mansion" in beautiful Idledale, just southwest of Denver.

Graham & Sarah posing on top of Mt Evans (14,000 ft) - the lakes below are the start of the creek that runs through Idledale's canyon.

The legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre - the only place The Beatles never sold out a show.

View looking east towards Denver and inland.

Okay - if anyone ever wants to hide and get in to a concert cheaply, start climbing!

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Last updated: 01-Oct-96