Homeward Bound

It had to be overcast and raining when I go to say Hi to Bill......

Ho Hum - Say Hi to Bill (or should be that.....@*#&%*#%) - 47.1 K

One Good Map Beats a Pair of Wrong Turns

Ivar's Salmon House - Competition for the best map to get there.

What ? Me Lost ? - 98.3 K

The woodpile production centre. Daniel Keebler with photographers Ohop and Woods hard at work

Hard @Work - 67.9 K

Jade version of Bill Reid's famous Haida canoe - Vancouver International Airport

That Famous Canoe Again - 63.1 K

My final plane trip home from Sydney to Melbourne

What an adventure hey.......

QANTAS Longreach in Sydney - 45.1 K

The Scary Table.......

These are the presents I bought for all of my friends and family. Boy were they lucky. There are dozens of spoons for mUm, a Navajo eagle (bro), my eagle feather (thanks Audrey!), sandstone coasters (Dad's bar), a Grand Canyon t-shirt (sister's boyfriend), candles, coloured sands, 2 Indian paintings for a friend's engagement (finally happened while I was away - party this February), small totem poles, scenic photo books, my faithful yellow mist protector from Niagara Falls is in the background too. Plus more - don't ask me how I managed to get it all home - just consider it a miracle. And I not waiting anymore....

The Scary Table &^$!@*%&$* - 61.9 K

The quote on the Grand Canyon t-shirt :

Life is not measured by the moments of breath you take
But by the breathtaking moments

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