Grand Canyon

Desert View WatchTower, mid-morning

It had been cold the night before and some misty clouds were hanging around to give a rather mystical aura and feel to my first view of the Grand Canyon.

Desert View Watchtower - 49.0 K

Hopi artwork inside the WatchTower

The WatchTower was built in 1941 and was decorated by the Hopi people. It is a beautiful combination of ancient symbolism and modern architecture.

Hopi Artwork - 83.7 K

Bird's Eyeview No. 1 - top of the tower

When I showed this photo to my travel agents on campus at uni, they were quite excited as this is apparently the shot used in all of the tourism brochures......

Grand Canyon Eastern Edge - 104.9 K

From the tower looking north

Looking North - 61.2 K

Another inevitable Tourist shot : Me on the edge at Bright Angel

Me at Bright Angel - 66.7 K

Those incredibly fat and cheeky squirrels

- they'd fight you for your lunch if you weren't careful.....There were signs up asking people NOT to feed them, but many people still posed proudly next to the signs feeding the squirrels. I should have taken a photo....

Those Grand Canyon Squirrels - 80.9 K

Take-off for the 1 hour scenic flight

Despite the cloud in the morning, by the time of the flight in the afternoon, the sky was clear and I was able to see the Grand Canyon in all it's true majesty.

Sight-seeing Flight Takeoff - 57.2 K

Looking West

Looking West - 69.9 K

Looking North

Looking North - 73.7 K

The confluence of the almighty Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers

The Colorado River is the larger, cleaner river, while the Little Colorado is full of sediment from recent rains.

Confluence of the Little Colorado & Colorado Rivers - 82.8 K

Geological Treasure

I found it quite amazing when fellow Humans were telling me the impacts that the enormous Hoover and Glen Canyon Dams have been having on the hydrology and ecology of the Colorado River and it's catchment. The mighty river barely reaches the sea anymore at the Gulf of Mexico. Top Natural Wonder of the World INDEED.

Geological Treasure - 92.9 K

Rim Shot

Quite amazing how suddenly that rim appears out of nowhere in the desert and surrounding forest. And that the tourist road is packed, of course.

South Rim - 74.6 K

The ticket stubb for the Grand Canyon IMAX.

A MUST see for sure - spectacular film and I found myself dodging the water many times. The only thing I felt it avoided (probably quite deliberately) was the impact of European occupation on native cultures and ecological impacts of modern dams and irrigation and hydro-power stations.

Grand Canyon Imax Ticket Stubb - 20.5 K

My certificate for surviving the scenic flight.

I didn't know it at the time, but apparently 4 or 5 people were killed in a plane crash on the weekend I was at Sedona seeing Bruce. Hmmmm........

GC Flight Certificate - 46.4 K

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