Phoenix, Flagstaff and Meteor Crater

Downtown Phoenix - 5:30pm and it was still 96 F as I waited at the bus terminal for my bus to Flagstaff.

Downtown Phoenix - 105.6 K

The Amtrak cargo train - about 80 to 90 a day. My hostel was 1 block away......

Amtrak in Flagstaff - 53.5 K

Historic Route 66, plus beautiful yellow Aspens in the background, and not to mention the rows of flags that line the council buildings (I wonder why ?).

Flags, Route 66 & Aspens in Flagstaff - 68.8 K

Meteor Crater - a 1km wide impact site from a meteor that hit Earth approximately 50,000 years ago. The meteor is thought to be 75m in diameter and travelling at 40-50,000 mph when it hit the surface.

Meteor Crater Panorama - 89.4 K

One of the Apollo test capsules used at Meteor Crater to train astronauts in the late 60's and early 70s.

Apollo Test Capsule - 68.8 K

Get your kicks......

Route 66 Logo - 1.1 K

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Last updated: 14-Jan-97