My all-too brief foray in California

Eucalyptus Trees in downtown Los Angeles!

On my bus from Flagstaff to Santa Cruz (the bus ride from hell, but that's another story....), I had to go through LA (oh well, a couple of hours stopover was manageable). At one of the brief stops there were these trees - when I was only 2 weeks from flying home, they were a very warm and welcome sight. I was starting to get homesick....

Eucalyptus Trees in LA - 83.9 K

At the redwood forests in Felton

Me Among the Redwoods - 94.3 K

More Towering Redwoods

Redwoods - Looking Up - 73.4 K

Great to see some places in the USA have some common sense....

Santa Cruz - Nuclear Free Zone - 37.1 K

Cortland and Suzanne's family (with Cortland's sister)

We were out for lunch celebrating Suzanne's birthday, Happy Birthday again Suzanne.

Cortland & Suzanne's Family - 67.9 K

The Californian coastline

This reminded me very much of the Great Ocean Road in my home state of Victoria - very beautiful indeed.

Californian Coast - 55.2 K

Downtown San Francisco

The hills are steep and parking impossible, but we had fun....

Downtown San Francisco Traffic Jam - 46.2 K

Sunset - me and the Golden Gate Bridge

Sunset neat the Golden Gate - 33.8 K

The Oakland Bay Bridge

This bridge would be familiar to some people when Bruce played at Oakland in June 1996.

Oakland Bay Bridge - 70.1 K

Who needs Dole or Clinton when you can have.....

Classic - Dope & Hemp '96 - 10.5 K

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Last updated: 14-Jan-97