Jasper & Edmonton, Alberta

Trust a black bear to interrupt lunch in such pleasant surrounds.

I found where Woodstock truly shifted - the Unabomber's house in the Canadian Rockies!
Well, actually, it's the hostel at Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park. Beautiful place.

Santa's deer were early this year and brought me my first Bruce show two days later :)
(This is in the small town of Jasper, within Jasper National Park)

Thursday night, looking across the North Saskatchewan River to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
Believe it or not, I walked through downtown Edmonton, crossed the river and through the park - all the way with my heavy pack over my shoulders (the Burden of the Angel/Beast) !

Friday, during the day, waiting for a miracle (Bruce that night with no summer storm); downtown Edmonton in the background.

The storm came on the Sunday night 15 minutes after KD Lang closed the Festival.....The lightning display was almost as good as seeing my first Bruce show (tongue firmly in cheek).

Crowd shot at Edmonton festival -- 15,000 people!

Pictures of Bruce in concert, taken by Dave Petriew.

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Last updated: 23-Sep-96