Bruce Cockburn FAQ

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Demographics and Bio
Lyrics (Questions on allusions, meanings, sources, influences)
Music (Questions on instruments, performing, tab charts, sheet music, tunings, influences, cover performances)
LPs, CDs, Tapes (Questions on availability, cover art, and collector's items)
Religion and Issues
Articles and Publications
Miscellaneous Stuff (including Bruce-related places and things to see in his home country of Canada)
Humans List (Bruce Cockburn internet discussion group)

This FAQ was compiled from gleanings from the Humans list archives for (what the compiler felt was) interesting information. If you would like to contribute a Question and Answer, send email to with your contribution in Q/A form. (If you have any corrections, or can fill in any questions marks you may find, feel free to email as well.) If you have a question you would like answered, ask the Humans list. Somebody is bound to know. The numbers on the questions are for the benefit of managing the questions.

The unofficial compiler/editor of the FAQ is Brad Whittington. Design and HTML work by Marie Westhaver. Updates and additions by Rob Caldwell.

Last updated: 07 Jun 2005