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Q1: Who is Bruce Cockburn?
A: Singer/songwriter/guitarist/political activist/Christian, born May 27, 1945 in Ottawa, Canada. There is an extensive chronology of various events in the life of BC at and a very long article from Goldmine magazine about his career at

Q2: Whatever happened to Bruce's first wife, Kitty, and their daughter, Jenny?
A: Bruce was married to Kitty from Dec., 1969 to 1980. After their divorce, she and their daughter Jenny (the subject of the song "Little Seahorse") divided their time between the Yukon and elsewhere. As of 1998, Jenny was an anthropology student in Montreal.
(Source:various interviews with BC)

Q3: Did BC go to college and, if so, what did he study?
A: After dropping out of high school and busking around Europe, he went to the Berklee College of music in Boston for 1.5 years to study music composition from 1964-1966. He didn't finish because he realized he wasn't going to put the effort required into it, he has said in interviews. Yet, on Sep. 5, 1997 he was given an honorary doctor of music degree by the school and gave a commencment speech to the entering class. (For more details, see Gavin's Woodpile #23, Oct. 1997)

Last updated: 07 Jun 2005