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This page was originally created by Bill Pringle wrp103@psu.edu and is hosted here at his request.

This page contains pictures of a number of Bruce related CDs I have been fortunate enough to obtain. These are CDs other than the "Commercial" releases. Most are promos and/or singles. These pictures are here at the request of Marie, who suggested that I make them available so that others can see them.

I'm not obsessive in my collection, just lucky! :^) Most of these were gotten for me by my friend, Sean Hickey, from Borders Books and Music in Bryn Mawr, PA. There are others who put my collection to shame. Plus I only deal with CDs, not vinyl.

Click on any of the images to see an enlargement. If you want your own copy of a picture, try right clicking the mouse over top of the image and see if your browser will let you save the image.

Bruce Cockburn Live (Netherlands Single)

This CD came from the "2 Metier Recording Sessies", which is a Dutch radio show which has produced a number of albums. This single includes the version of "Rocket Launcher" that appeared on Vol. 1 of the albums. Don't confuse this album with the "Live" CD that contains a concert recorded in Canada.

Cockburn, Bruce|Live|1989|Indisc|DICD 8045
	If I Had a Rocket Launcher (live)|5:24
	Tibetan Side of Town (live)|6:08
	Shipwrecked at the Stable Door (live)|3:54

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Rumours Of Glory (German)

This album was released on the Plane label in Germany. It contains the song "Yanqui Go Home", which isn't available anywhere else on CD. The booklet contains the lyrics in English and German. I tried scanning a page from the inside just to show you, but it didn't come out clear.

Cockburn, Bruce|Rumours Of Glory|1985|Plane|88406
	Trouble With Normal (from: Trouble with Normal)|3:35
	Going Up Against Chaos* (from: Trouble with Normal)|5:31
	Wondering Where The Lions Are (from: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws)|3:42
	Tokyo (from: Humans)|3:25
	All's Quiet On The Inner City Front (from: Inner City Front)|5:27
	Creation Dream* (from: Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws)|4:00
	Wanna Go Walking (from: Inner City Front)|2:53
	Grim Travellers* (from: Humans)|4:51
	Rumours Of Glory (from: Humans)|3:38
	Tropic Moon (from: Trouble with Normal, The)|4:38
	Yanqui Go Home (previously unreleased)|4:27
	Lord Of The Starfields (from: In the Falling Dark)|3:22
	The Coldest Night Of The Year (from: Mummy Dust)|3:58
	Laughter (from: Further Adventures of)|3:35
	Joy Will Find A Way (from: Joy Will Find A Way)|3:50
	The Rose Above The Sky* (from: Humans)|6:23


Nothing But A Burning Light - Radio Special

This disc contains a radio interview show where Bruce is interviewed about his album. In addition, the interview segments by Bruce are isolated on separate cuts, which allows a DJ to put together what appears to be him (or her) interviewing Bruce! The booklet contains queues that can be used to cut to commercial, etc., as well as identifying the individual clips so that a fake interview can be built.

Cockburn, Bruce|Nothing But a Burning Light Radio Special|1992|True North|CDNK 653
	NBABL Radio Special|49:27
	Clip 2|0:39
	Clip 3|1:17
	Clip 4|0:42
	Clip 5|0:47
	Clip 6|0:32
	Clip 7|0:37
	Clip 8|0:36
	Clip 9|1:11
	Clip 10|1:06
	Clip 11|0:59
	Clip 12|1:32
	Clip 13|0:34
	Clip 14|1:06
	Clip 15|1:33
	Clip 16|0:53
	Right back message|0:57
	Music only|0:49

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Bruce Cockburn Primer

This is a double CD set in a cardboard cover which has 3 segments. The CDs slipped into the 1st and last segment, and both of them folded over the middle segment. The right segment folder over first, and then the left segment.

This set consists of a special Primer disc, as well as the album "Nothing But A Burning Light". Columbia/Sony used the Primer to introduce radio station staff to Bruce's past works. There was a cassette version of the Primer which was available before the album came out. It was identical to the CD version, except that it didn't have "Dream Like Mine" from the album.

Cockburn, Bruce|Bruce Cockburn Primer, The (promo)|1991|Columbia|DISP 001240
	Dream Like Mine, A|3:53
	If I Had a Rocket Launcher|4:59
	Wondering Where the Lions Are|3:09
	How I Spent My Fall Vacation|5:10
	If a Tree Falls|5:43
	Water Into Wine|5:30
	Lovers in a Dangerous Time|4:06
	Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long|4:14
	Trouble with Normal, The|3:17
	Call It Democracy|3:36
	Waiting for a Miracle|4:48

View with leftmost segment opened up
Outside View
Inside View
View with rightmost segment opened up
Inside with Right Segment opened

Great Big Love (Radio Single)

This was an attempt by Sony to market Bruce as a pop and/or country singer. They actually showed the video of this song on some country stations. We figure it is because there was a horse in the video (and the song contains the words: "I ride and I shoot and I play guitar"). It contains several different mixes of the same song. Frankly, I can't tell much difference between them. :-(

Cockburn, Bruce|Great Big Love (promo)|1992|Columbia|CSK 4413
	Great Big Love (remix)|4:00
	Great Big Rock Mix|4:00
	Great Big Long Rock Mix|5:00

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Burden of the Angel Beast (Radio Single)

This is the single from Bruce's second "regular" album on Columbia/Sony. (He also released a Christmas album).

Cockburn, Bruce|Burden of the Angel/Beast|1994|Sony|CSK 6134
	Burden of the Angel/Beast|6:28
	Scanning These Crowds|3:47
	If I Had a Rocker Launcher (Live)|4:55

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Night Train (Radio Single)

This was the first single from Bruce's first album on Rykodisc, The Charity of Night. It contains the album version as well as a "Radio Edit".

Cockburn, Bruce|Night Train (radio promo)|1997|Ryko|VKCD 0366
	Night Train (radio edit)|4:31
	Night Train (album version)|6:14

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Pacing the Cage (Radio Single)

This single contains two live recordings taken from the taping of the World Cafe at the Tongue & Groove studios in Philadelphia, PA.

Cockburn, Bruce|Pacing the Cage (radio promo)|1997|Ryko|VRCD 2366
	Pacing the Cage (album version)|4:38
	Pacing the Cage (from Tongue & Groove)|4:28
	Night Train (from Tongue & Groove)|5:30

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Whole Night Sky (Radio Single)

This single contains live acoustic versions of two songs which are not on The Charity of Night. I think that shows that Ryko is interested in all of Bruce's catalog, not just his current album. Bruce's catalog is currently owned by Sony for the U.S.

Cockburn, Bruce|Whole Night Sky (radio promo)|1997|Ryko|VRCD 3366
	Whole Night Sky, The (album version)|3:53
	Mighty Trucks of Midnight (live acoustic version: WFUV)|5:30
	Wondering Where the Lions Are (from BC Live album)|5:19
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Mistress of THE Storms (on Whole Night Sky single)

(artwork courtesy of Gavin Mudd)

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Silver Wheels

(artwork courtesy of Bruce Payan)

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