Bruce in Berlin, Germany

Pictures from Bruce's concert at the Passionkirche, Berlin, Germany, March 12, 1997. Pictures taken by Ursula Mueller and Frauke Weber.

The set list.

Uschi in front of the church:

The venue - Passionkirsche, Berlin:

The flowers on the stage:


Berlin - Brandunburgu Tar (east side):

Berlin - Siegessanle:

Berlin - center of the city:

Uncle Dieter from Berlin at his shop:

Ursula, Uncle Dieter, and his wife at a restaurant:

Berlin Tonight - The Opera by night:

Berlin Tonight - Main Cathedral by night:

"Him" during the first three minutes of the show:

Sunday, 16 March, breakfast at a cafe in Berlin (l-r) Ursula, Dirk (long-time friend from Berlin) and Frauke:

Ursula: The morning Frauke's home. Frauke and me had a long talk the night after the concert, and this was the result. Frauke was on the left side cigarettes!) and myself on the right side (German beer!).